Jubaland organizes President’s inauguration a mid pressure

Delegates and MPs have arrived Kismayo on Saturday to attend inauguration of Jubaland president Ahmed Mohamed Islam Modobe amid federal government of Somalia refused to recognize his presidency.

 Former regional Presidents of South West and Galmudug, Sharif Hassan Sheekh Aden, Abdikarin Hussein Guled respectively and more than 20 MPs of federal Parliament will be guests of the inauguration ceremony.

An special aircraft carried the delegates from Nairobi became the first plane landed Kismayo directly since the federal government ordered all flights heading to Kismayo to root through Mogadishu.

It comes after civil aviation barred former President Shekh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed to depart Kismayo last month.

Deputy President of Jubaland Mohamud Sayid Aden told reports that the plane bought by the administration to transport inauguration guests to Kismayo.

It is unclear when Jubaland bought the plane and its price, but confidential sources said the plane is owned by Somali Flight Company called Fly-Som. However, there is no comment from the Somali civil aviation about the direct fight to Kismayo.


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