No elections in Gedo unless you pull out troops, Madobe tells Farmaajo

No elections in Gedo region unless the Federal Government pulls out its troops, Jubbaland state has said reiterating at earlier call for withdrawal of the federal troops.

Ahmed Madobe’s administration held its stance on the elections in Garbaharay Sunday urging President Mohamed Farmaajo to fulfil his promise to withdraw the troops.

 Madobe has variously noted the troops pull out was part of conditions which formed the basis for the September electoral deal between Mogadishu and the Federal Member States.

“Jubbaland State reiterates that no Federal Parliamentary elections can take place in a region controlled unlawfully by militia forces working on the personal whims and interests of certain individuals,” the statement read in part.

The Federal Government deployed troops in Gedo early this year following a deterioration of relations with Jubbaland.

The forces engaged in a deadly fight with Jubbaland forces leading to deaths and displacement of locals into the Kenyan side.

The US rebuked Farmaajo for the deployment and called for withdrawal terming it a waste of resources needed to fight the militant group Al-Shabaab.

The latest protest by Madobe comes as Farmaajo dismisses calls by opposition groups to reconstitute the interim federal elections committee. The committee elected a chairman and deputy Saturday.


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