No more visas on arrival, Somalia tells Kenya amid diplomatic fallout

Somalia has announced drastic travel requirements affecting Kenyan passport holders amidst an ongoing diplomatic row between the two countries.

The Department of Immigration announced Monday that Kenyan passport holders will now be required to obtain visas from Somali embassies ahead of travel.

This is a departure from the current situation where travelers from Kenya apply for visas with the immigration department and receive them upon arrival.

Third parties such as employers normally apply for visas for their employees in advance who then receive upon arrival.

“In line with the Federal government’s policy of ensuring security, improving migration management and reducing the risks of COVID-19 Infections, from December 13, 2020, all Kenyan passport holders traveling to the territory of the Federal Republic of Somalia are obliged to obtain visas from Somali embassies,” Immigration Department said Monday.

Many Somalis including politicians who have acquired Kenyan citizenship normally travel with the Kenyan passport into Somalia and other parts of the world.

The directive by Somalia comes in the midst of an ongoing diplomatic row between the two countries.

Somalia expelled Kenya’s ambassador late November over what it termed as interference of it internal affairs. There is no word yet regarding steps to restore the diplomatic relations between the two countries.


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