Security minister issues statement on protests in Mogadishu, issues stern warning

Somali security minister Hassan Xundubey Jim’ale who spoke at today’s protests in Mogadishu said that they were organized by unknown individuals, pointing out that they were undermining security.

He said the national army, which stands to counter suicide bombers, was organized by unknown individuals, who he said were armed.

“People are gathering in the streets with guns, which means that security has been invaded, violence has been created, the security forces have been disrupted, the community has been harmed, and we offer our condolences for the violence,” he said. yiri.

“What happened is the responsibility of those who are advised of such gatherings and who may even throw themselves in the middle of a suicide bombing,” he said.

The minister said they were warning that the situation could return to normal and that peace in the community would be maintained.

“While the army is committed to maintaining peace in the community, and for others to organize demonstrations that are said to be detrimental to peace and violence, we have not seen any demonstrators in front of the BKM. It is new to us, we will do something. They should not come back to us, ”Xundubey added.


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