Somalia in solidarity with Turkey over earthquake-President Farmaajo

Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo has condoled the people of Turkey following an earthquake there that has killed about 30 people.

Farmaajo said in a tweet his country remains in solidarity with the president and people of Turkey noting ‘we share the shocks of the tremor and tears with the Republic of Turkey.’

 At least 24 people have been killed in Turkey while two others were killed in the Greek island of Samos.

More over, at least 20 buildings in the city of Izmir alone were destroyed, Mayor Tunc Soyer was quoted by CNN Turk.

More than 800 other people have been injured in the earthquakes.

A total of 196 aftershocks have been recorded, 23 of which were over 4.0 magnitude, the agency added.

Search and rescue operations continue in 17 buildings, four of which have collapsed, said Murat Kurum, Turkey’s Environment and Urbanization Minister.


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