Somaliland suspends discussions with UN over humanitarian projects

Somaliland has suspended humanitarian engagements with the UN projects but has not indicated the circumstances surrounding the decision.

“The Ministry of Planning…is hereby sharing with all UN Agencies that discussions and consultations regarding the UN country programmes and work plans are suspended until further notice,” a statement by the Minister of Planning Hassan Mohamed Ali read in part.

 The minister added that all events related to the suspended programs will no longer take place effective from October 25.

The Minister did not however cite any reasons which prompted the move.

However Somalia and Somaliland have for a long time differed on the manner in which donor aid is managed.

Officially, donor aid is channeled through the Federal Government in Mogadishu and subsequently shared with Hargeisa.

However Somaliland has variously demanded that UN aid in particular be sent directly to Hargeisa.


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