Blast kills Somali police soldiers

At least four soldiers killed in a landmine blast on Tuesday night, officials told the local media.

Security source told Somali Online News that the Somali Police, Turkey-trained soldiers have dead after their vehicle rammed over landmine planted by Al-shabaab.

The police have conducted special operation in Lower Shabele region and they were on their way to return to Mogadishu but powerful blast caught one vehicle between Sinka Der and Elasha villages, outskirts of Mogadishu.

There is no comment from the Police about the incident. Local media reported that at least five other soldiers injured in the blast, but there is no any official publicly confirmed.

Al-shabab, the Al-Qaidda linked terrorist group claimed the responsibility saying that they killed seven police soldiers and wounded four others.

The insurgent group mostly uses landmine attacks to target government and partner troops. Last week, the group killed in the same attack six US-trained Somali commandos, including Mohamed Ali Osman known as Mohamed Yarisow, commander of third division of the commandos.


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