Commander of Somalia commandos killed in IED

SOMSOON;-At least six soldiers and officials killed in an Improvised explosive device planted in their root on Wednesday, military officials confirmed.

Mohamed Ali Osman known as Mohamed Yarisow, commander of third division of Somali commandos was among those killed in the attack claimed by Al-shabaab, the terrorist group in Somalia.

According to Somali military officials Mohamed was one of the most talented junior commanders of the commandos trained by US. Getting help from American soldiers, Somali commandos mostly attack senior leaders of Al-shabaab.

A convoy from their base at Baledogle airfield was targeted to landmine in between Afgoye and Mogadishu after one of the cars rammed over it. Six of the soldiers, including Mohamed Yarisow dead at the scene and at least five others injured.

Landmines and improvised explosive devices are deadly weapons constantly used by Al-shabaab as they are fighting against Somali military and international partners, including US.


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