FNP will take court those responsible yesterday’s airstrip delay: statement

Leaders of Forum for National Parties condemned the Sunday’s delay of their flight to Baladwein and accused that the move was politically motivated.

 In a statement issued by the FNP said “that former state leaders, federal members of parliament and well known politicians” were traveling to Baladwwin to deliver humanitarian aid to the people affected by the floods.

Statement noted a number of consequences including long hours in the air and misinformation about the situation of Baladwein airport.

When the leaders arrived to Aden Adde airport “the airline agents informed them that they have received instruction from authorities in Baladwein to halt the flights until further notice”.

Forum for National Parties indicated that their airport destination was not wet and the “weather condition was normal”, unlike aviation authorities claims of that plane was halted because of severe condition at the airport.

“The FNP shall not standby as the constitutional rights of its leaders and supporters are violated and will hence take all the necessary legal measures to take those responsible for this heinous act to court,” the statement said.

The Parties also called ICAO led committee to investigate the incident.

Somali Civil aviation Authorities distanced allegation of halting the flight for political reasons.


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