Former Presidents arrive to the flood affected town of Baladwein

Leaders of Forum for National Parties and their delegations have arrived Beletwain on Sunday after hours of delay. Officials said the Somali Civil Aviation Authorities barred their plane to fly early hours.

Former President Hassan Sheekh Mohamud and his predecessor Sheekh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed are supervising the needs of people affected by the floods.

MP Abdirizak Mohamed Jindi, member of the delegation told the local media that federal government barred them to depart to Baladwein, but they finally arrived their destination.

 Somali Aviation director denied that Baladwein flights were barred. He said that last night huge rains pour to the city and that made the airport flooded.

Mohamed Abdi Ware, Hirshabele president said in press conference that former presidents took life threatening journey and their plane suffered landing problems before it landed safely.  


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