Government deploys additional troops to Dhusamareb

Federal government of Somalia deployed more police officers at Dhusamareb, Galmudug regional capital on Saturday.

A plane carrying nearly hundred Haram-Ad police unit landed at Dhusamareb’s airport, regional officials confirmed to Somsoon.

The Haram-Ad police unit is trained by Turkish government and they take part ensuring the security of Mogadishu.

According security officials the police are intended to guard the Prime Minister who is expected to depart to Dhusamareb in the coming days.

Hassan Ali Khayre is going to solve disagreement between Interior Minister of federal government Abdi Mohamed Sabriye and Galmudug’s Head of cabinet Sheekh Shakir.

A political turmoil has emerged in Dhusamareb after the federal government and the regional administration appointed opposing technical committees those are in the capital Dhusamareb.


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