President Bihi of Somaliland accused President Farmajo political repression

President of breakaway Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi on Friday accused that President Mohamed Abdullahi farmajo is politically fighting with his predecessors, Hasan Shekh Mohamud and Sharif Sheekh Ahmed respectively.

Bihi told the media that Farmajo administration failed to ensure the security of Villa Somalia and imposed travel restrictions against former Presents, he described as a “political repression”.

 According to president Bihi, barring the travel of former Presidents has no relation with the political culture and even the culture of Somali people.

Federal government of Somalia is accused that it has barred Sharif Sheekh Ahmed to travel to Kismayo on September 22 to attend inauguration of Jubaland president Ahmed Madobe.

Former President Hassan Sheekh Mohamud and his predecessor Sheekh Sharif Sheekh Ahmed were barred again to go Baladwein, flooded town of Hiran region through airstrip.  

The government distanced the accusations, citing a delay caused by weather conditions.

The leader of Somaliland also blamed for President farmajo destroying federal member states using the financial support from the international community.

“Today there is unrest in Kismayo, Mogadishu, Dhusamareb and attacks are happening in the capital; you can see restrictions were imposed to former Presidents” Muse Bihi said.

There is no answer from the federal government of Somalia rather than the accusations of the Somaliland President.


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