Somalia: military court concluded a case about Al-Shabaab’s infiltration into government institutions

The former distric Mayor of Mahas, Abdurahman Elmi Awale sentenced to life in jail by Somali military court on Wednesday for an attack that killed his deputy.

Former police officer Nur Ibrahim Mahad-Alle, is sentenced to death while the third person Ali Ahmed Gure was sentenced by the military tribunal in absentia.

The three were accused for orchestrating an attack that killed the deputy mayor of Mahas on April this year.

The court investigation found out that the three cooperated in planning and executing by planting an explosive device in the deceased vehicle six months ago.

Two other occupants of the mayor’s vehicle were wounded following his death.

They are one-month period for appeal to overturn the verdict before implementation of the ruling.

Security experts always condemn federal government for that Al-Shabaab infiltrated in the security agencies and regional authorities in order to attack high rank officials in the government.


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