Somalia rebuilt historic monuments

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo visited historic monuments in Mogadishu those rebuilt by federal government through Is-hilqan project after years of destruction.

Is-hilqan is a project encouraging citizens to do community service by contributing rebuilding community centers, National Theater, and the monuments.

The five major statues represent the long struggle engaged by the Somali people to get their independence. Restoring monuments was welcomed by the Somali citizens.

President Farmajo said in twitter that he lead the country restoring historic monuments. “Safeguarding our history reminds us of our historic journey and inspires our future,” the President said.

“I was proud to lead our nation today in restoring our historic monuments of Sayidka, Dhagah-tur, Hawo-Tako, Ahmed Gurey, and SYL,” Farmajo tweeted.


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