Uganda to deploy more police in Somalia

The government of Uganda plans to send new troops who will be serving under the framework of African Union Mission In Somalia.

Grace Turyagumanawe, director of peace support operations in the Uganda Police Force, said Kampala is working on the logistics to deploy more Formed Police Units to help secure Somalia.

“Preparations are underway to ensure that we deploy a second formed unit as was agreed on recently. We are working on acquiring the necessary equipment,” she said in Mogadishu during a meeting with Simon Mulongo, deputy special representative of the chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia.

Turyagumanawe, who was in Somalia to assess the status of equipment and welfare of personnel, made the remarks on Thursday during a meeting with Mulongo in Mogadishu, the AU mission said.

During the visit, Turyagumanawe inspected the condition of the contingent-owned equipment at the Jazeera Forward Operating Base outside Mogadishu.

Under the Somalia Transition Plan, AMISOM police work to ensure that the Somali Police Force is adequately equipped in preparation to assume full responsibility of maintaining law and order in the country when AMISOM leaves in 2021.


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